Labour – Authoritarian populism in UK – Libs Dems try to stop them.

For those Irish Labour people who think I have lost it, I have not. British
Labour is an authoritarian party with imperialist tendencies – look at Iraq
and Afghanistan. Ask yourself, how many places across the globe have the
British a military presence and then ask yourself why?

The Liberal Democrats should be supported for opposing further extensions
of the biometric passport passports to include finger prints when the
current version of e-passport which stores 16 facial measurements on a chip.

Regulation of closed circuit TV
Measures to stop Councils spying on people
Prevent unfair extraditions to the United States of America
Stop school children being finger printed at school without parents’
Restore the right to protest by reforming the Public Order Act to safeguard
non-violent protest.
Reform the libel laws – corporations would have to show damage and prove
malice or recklessness to mount a successful court challenge against

Scrap communications data base that will store information on everyone’s
emaila dn internet use and including on line games and facebook.

Labour is a huge threat to civil liberties because they propose a central
data base known as the interception modernisation program to store details
of phone calls, text messages, emails and internet use.

Currently data protection says that data should only be collected if it is
necessary and proportionate.

The Tories ( Conservatives) want to scrap ID cards, curb DNA databases and
cutback on official powers of entry to the home.

Conclusion – Liberal Democrats get the Bill vote on these issues.