Does anyone really care about Ballymun lifts

TEN (yes 10) whole weeks without a lift service for an increasing number of people in Ballymun estate which has gradually extended to virtually every lift including the 13 story buildings where the editor of the defunct Ballymun Concrete News Seamus Kelly texted me today to say that both lifts in the tower where he lives are now out of order.

This lifts problem involves Pickering the Lift Company, Dublin City Council and the TEEU. The Labour Court ruled in favour of the four maintenance men
let go by Pickering ruling that they should get statutory redundancy plus four weeks for every year worked. The company did not even appear at the Court.

The City Manager was spoken to last Monday and lead me to understand that the Army may be asked in by Friday but this did not happen. The union will
have to be squared to avoid a strike at the water works and other engineering installations operated by the City Council. Nothing happened on Friday and things are getting worse.

I have heard that there are two other maintenance companies ready to take over but there could be union problems. The City Council could hire the four redundant workers to do the job but they may not have access to appropriate equipment.

Can anyone out there help?

My earlier comments on this were on 13th April.