Zimbabwe – Great People Great Country – Shameful Government

Africa is plagued by awful governments. Zimbabwe could be the jewel of Africa. A fantastic country which could feed a huge amount of the continent and have the highest living standards. Zimbabwe in 1980 had the best education system in Africa.

By 2008, inflation was 231 million% and the country now used the US$ and the SA rand. Unemployment is 94%. Education has virtually collapsed.

Between 1990 and 2008 life expectancy fell from 61 to 44 years. Infant mortality increased from 53 to 81 per 1000 births.
33% of Zimbabwean children are stunted in growth from malnutrition.
3,000,000 people are dependent on food aid Cholera killed 4,000 by March last year in an epidemic affecting 90,000 people The sanitation system has virtually collapsed.
Election violence and human right abuses have been endemic in Zimbabwe since independence.

I salute the people of Zimbabwe and wonder what the Southern African Conference countries should do to take out the evil of the Zanu PF.

Robert Mugabe is an electorally illegitimate president but force from neighbouring states may be necessary to offer a truly democratic election to the people of that land.

I care.