Mountjoy and Dochas

In the event that I am ever elected to the Oireachtas, I will make it a priority to campaign and insist on immediate action to alleviate the inhumane conditions in both North Circular Road detention centres. I give my word of honour on that. I would even be willing to be Minister for Justice to systematically reform the law with regard to custodial sentences. I believe that the performance and professionalism of judges and their common sense should be subject to scrutiny. A judiciary accreditation system for the District Courts should be developed run by the High Court.

Higher judges should be subject to Parliamentary Hearings before appointment. If the constitution needs to be changed to do this – lets do it.

How a society treats prisoners is a reflection of communal values. I am ashamed of the government’s performance. The prison officers have more cop-on in relation to prisoners that the “hang’em/flog’em and throw away the key” brigade in society who never have never done any wrong or never broken any law or bent any rule or never evaded any tax due to the state.