Finglas Village Traders Reinvigoration Plan

Finglas Village Traders

Since the demise of the Finglas Village redevelopment by Marumba (Spain, Courtney, Doyle and McNamara), the footfall of customers and shoppers has been disappointing and relatively small. The court case with Barclays looking for about ? 7 million from Marumba lead to the closing down of the property company. deLoitte is one of the receivers.

On Wednesday, the village traders met City Councillors to plot a way forward for the Village.

The suggestions were (1) an attempt to have a uniform car parking rate for use of the Public Car Park at Drogheda Mall, and the two private ones at the Catholic Church and at the Finglas Main Centre. The ideas suggested were 30 ins free parking but this is difficult to implement due to the requirement for ticket readers at barriers and this costs too much. The agreed solution was to charge 20 ? 50 cents per hour for first hour rising steeply for longer periods after that. The idea is to increase turnover of people and discourage all day park and ride for the city centre.

(2) New large advertising size signage on the N2 indicating Finglas village and its commercial core and heritage centres. Jacquie O?Reilly to be contacted to coordinate and liaise on this project. Link up with the Tours of the Graveyard and local historic monuments to encourage a spend in the village.

(3) A webpage to be constructed detailing the businesses in the village.

(4) An all-day  Saturday Finglas Festival to liven up the whole community with local acts invited to perform. Dessie said that such an event may cost ?20,000 which we do not have. The Festival might be in the Village Main Centre.

(5) A Saturday Market like Fairyhouse on fixed day or days each week or month.

(6) I want to get Raven House turned into a Primary Care Health Centre and HSE administrative block
(7) Maybe brighten up the village by painting shop fronts and other areas.

(8) Maintain the summer flowering arrangements.

(9) There was a discussion on the elements of the rates with the City Council setting the multiplier and the Valuations Department due to revalue all commercial property in the city soon. Getting a rate reduction seems remote.

(10) The report on the village being prepared by Ken Hand will be eagerly awaited and we should have it by the June Area Committee meetin