Eoin Morgan plays test cricket for England

I know the Morgan family for years. Eoin has a special talent at cricket which was obvious from a very young age. His family are cricket mad and are part of the cricket tradition in the North County of Dublin. When at CUS he was greatly encouraged by Kevin Jennings and was sent to Durban for more cricket at school during the transition year. Eoin was a star in Leinster cricket and played for Ireland at all levels. He was signed by Middlesex and trained there from school. Lately he has illuminated 20/20 cricket playing for England and is due to make his formal text debut against Sri Lanka this week. For part of the winter he was paid a serious salary to play for Bangalore in the Indian Premier League – a fantastic experience.

He was able to get an English passport through his mother. His sister Gwen plays for Ireland The one man I would bet on to get Eoin out is his brother Gavin. I won’t write here how to do it but I do know. Anyone who saw Gavin bowl Eoin in the Cricket Cup Final in Malahide a few years ago will know what I mean especially his father Jodie. Eoin played for Malahide and Gavin for Rush.

Ireland does not play test cricket. Most Irish involved in test cricket played for Australia! Other Irish born people have played test cricket for England- I think Mullally was the last one.

Best of luck Eoin!