Eamonn Keane has TALENT

Lunchtime with Eamonn Keane was a good programme on Newstalk which had climbed to 68,000 listeners. I am very very disappointed that Eamonn Keane has resigned from Newstalk Radio, not merely because I like and respect him but because the station needs people of first rate ability and Eamonn has that. He is up there with Sean O’Rourke of RTE at the top of the rankings.

Pat Kenny is always at the top of the class on substantive subjects but
Newstalk must try as hard as possible to keep top rated talent to compete
and outscore RTE. It is imperative that there is a credible alternative to
the RTE megalith. So George Hook, Claire Byrne (The thinking man’s
fantasy), Ivan Yates and Sean Moncrief are substantial during the day. I am
not about for others to comment.  Off the Ball when Gerry Thornley,Donal
Lehihan, Emmet Byrne and co are talking is very enjoyable.

Economist Marc is argumentative on Coleman at Large and manages to provoke controversy with his views if the texts are anything to judge by..

Please get Eamonn Keane back on air soon.