The Queen’s Speech and Eire!

The cliched House Journal of the Tory Party AKA The Daily Telegraph carried a report on the new Tory/Liberal coalition programme outlined in the Queen’s Speech. This State Opening of Parliament was first seen as it is
now in 1852. 22 Bills over 18 months will be introduced. The key reforms
that interest me include a Freedom Bill to scale back the DNA database,
restore the right to non-violent protest, Scrap ID cards and control the
proliferation of Closed Circuit TV. Local communities will be allowed take
over libraries and community centres that might otherwise close by forming

There may be an Anti-EU bill that will “increase democratic control,
scrutiny and accountability over EU decision making”. No futher powers will
be transferred to Brussels without a referendum.

England will not join the Euro without a referendum. A new Border Police
Force within the Serious Organised Crime Agency will be formed. Non-Eu
migrans will be cut to thousands per year not hundreds of thousands.

In the public sector, all public bodies will be required to publish on-line
the job titles of every member of staff and the salaries and expenses of
senior officials.

Workers will get the legal right to request flexible working to accomodate
family needs and other commitments.

High speed onternet links will be should be made available to millions of
people living in remote areas. The government wants to force utility
companies to carry internet cables on telegraph poles and in sewage pipes.

All of these are relevant to life in the Republic of Ireland