Mobile Phones in Africa


In 2000, there were only 450,000 land line users in Nigeria but by 2010 there are now 77.3 million active mobile phones which with double sim cards etc represents about 37.8% of the 150 million population.

Between 2002 and 2007, the mobile phone market in Africa grew by 49.3% In Asia the market grew by 27.4% in the same period.

The problem for mobile phone companies is that United Nations data suggests that 92% of the the Nigerian population live on less than $2 per day. However these figures are challenged and an official study showed that 30% have “middle class” salaries. Bribing police and customs officials in Nigeria can add $7,000 to each shipment of $40,000 smoke extractors. The problem in Nigeria is that Chinese imports are undercutting local prices hugely – about 50% cheaper than Nigerian produced products and 75% cheaper than European products.

In Egypt, in the five years from 2003, about 35 million mobile phones were added, IN South Africa about 27 million, in Kenya 17 million, in the Congo about 5 million, in Morocco about 15 million, in Ghana about 10 million.

Competition for market share is very hot in some countries such as Ghana. Market share and profitability will come under pressure. Mobiles have revolutionised lives and transformed society.

Irish politicians opposed to mobile phone transmitters are doing nobody any good except themselves in terms of votes from the prejudiced. I hope to embarrass them into submission.