Come on Fine Gael – Your country needs you.

We in Fine Gael now offer hope to the country. The Richard and Enda dual demonstrated the passion and commitment that Fine Gael has on all sides.

The campaign is over – the dye is cast. There were a few digs thrown behind the refs back but that often happens in big matches. We must never forget that the TMO is still around and that you can get cited after the match by Fianna Fail. We showed ourselves as a party of considerable consequence with articulate speakers and excellent representatives. We need to focus that energy and ambition on the problems of the country. Enda’s comment that he will rebuild the team is credible and he knows that he has one shot at the Taoiseach’s office – 2012 at the latest.

Richard should take the immediate opportunity on offer to negotiate a central role for himself in detailing the National Recovery Programme and the centrality of job creation across the board to minimise the jobless recovery experiences of the past.

My recommendation for Enda and Richard is to look each other in the eye, shake hands, say F… it lets sort this out – go out to Malahide for the afternoon into the Grand Hotel and discuss the next two years in detail.
Just the two of them – no advisers or handlers. Not even Bill!

Define the roles of both of you. Enda are you Chairman or Chief? If chairman no solo runs from your own back line. John O’Mahony does not allow that stuff. Richard when are you going to skittle Labour and Eamonn Ryan?

Get Fine Gael policy right. Keep it simple to explain to the public and complex enough where necessary to convince the informed sceptic. There is an opportunity to forge a new close alliance between you two guys. The public will respond to the naked dynamism in Fine Gael and will know that Angelo Dundee was in Enda’s corner.

Richard should be encouraged to SAVAGE all comers when they spout rubbish in his area of expertise. Brian Lenihan’s performance as Finance Minister is only credible when he implements ECB policy. The cost of keeping Anglo going is about €40 billion so far. So Anglo is a BIG target. If Alan Dukes gets in the way – just give him a good kicking. If Labour has any good ideas – simply steal them. Lead the people towards national survival and away from the economic and personal abyss.

Dublin is a problem. We need to publicise our efforts on the ground more effectively. You can call me and my colleagues in on this one.

Your Country Needs You (both)