Quotations on the Mobile Phone Mast issue

In the Irish Times report on the BMJ paper there were two quotes from
consultant paediatric oncologists :-

Despite the result, consultant paediatric oncologist Dr Anne O’Mara of Our Lady’s hospital, Crumlin, said conclusions could not be drawn “At the moment we would say this is insufficiently strong data,” she said yesterday.

Retired Crumlin paediatric oncologist Dr Fin Breatnach agreed that it
represented baseline data and more studies were required. “I am very
reassured but I am not surprised.” There had been many studies about risks posed by masts and by mobile phone handsets and generally these had not highlighted any clear risks, he added.

Because of the seriousness of the issues, I wrote to the Irish Times to
seek clarification.

Madam,- Dick Ahlstrom reports (June 23rd) on the research published in the British Medical Journal that mobile phones masts do not cause childhood cancers. This study is authoritative and substantial and is accompanied by an editorial which advises doctors that they can reassure patients not to worry about mobile phone masts. I would challenge Dr Anne O’Mara, consultant paediatric oncologist, who is quoted as saying “At the moment we would say that this is insufficiently strong data” to either justify or withdraw that statement.This is a serious public interest issue and clarity
must prevail to minimise scaremongering.Yours etc, Dr Bill Tormey
Consultant Chemical Pathologist and Chairman of HSE Forum, Dublin
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