This is an interesting site for staccato contributions from political anoraks run by a PD. It is hugely time consuming and is difficult to get around. Some of the contributors are simply off the wall and use the site as a form of group therapy. Most of the contributions are too short and the nom de guerre is hiding behind anonymity. I dislike anonymous letters and correspondents. I never ever did that. I stand over what I say or write and will change my mind if wrong.

Some of the contributors merely prove the axiom that paper never refuses ink. I think that the editor should reconfigure the design and make it easier – try the London Times comments style for example. The stupid stuff like the FF/FG/Lab/SF logos should be removed and the names and towns of participants made clear. If they want to list their affiliations FF etc let them do so after the text. For Dermot Lacey to be called councillor is BS.

He is Dermot – the inimitable – Lacey. Even Killian Ford told me that he found the site too time consuming.

Being slagged and blackguarded on threads by anonymous critics is a little unfair. The content of the knocking doesn’t bother me but the pseudonyms do. I would love to tell some of those people where to take a hike. If you want to slag anyone – do so in broad daylight.

Verdict- site has good potential but needs serious reform.