Councillor Mannix Flynn

“That this committee set in place proper protocols, procedures and policies that guide how elected representatives may engage with the housing and allocations section of DCC in relation to assisting constituents regarding housing applications and other matters. This is to ensure equality and fairness, transparency and openness in line with best practice”

The above is a motion placed on the agenda of the Housing Strategic Policy Committee by Mannix who is mainly a playwright, artist and author. The sentiment in this motion has a suggestion or implication at its centre that there is a potential bias in housing allocations and that perhaps, perhaps,perhaps some arm twisting and improper actions by councillors is possible to secure a corrupt decision. Strict rules and regulations regarding councillors and TDs meeting and talking to staff at the City Council is unwise, unnecessay and inappropriate. Sensible people will use common sense and deal with whatever is the issue at hand. I would hate to see life regulated in an entirely rigid way. Some discretion must be afforded all human interrelationships. I will give an example.
A single mother with one or two children contacts me and tells me that she is being regularly harassed by a gang of youths of both sexes. Maybe her door has been axed, maybe petrol poured on the landing and set ablase, maybe her children have been assaulted yet she has only 50 + points on the housing list. I want to be able to get on to our local officials and get that woman transferred out of there – irrespective of her points total. I would go on, but I can assure Mannix, that I have done this and I am grateful to Mick O’Rourke who ran housing in Ballymun for doing things for
some people for me when these people were in extremis. By the way Mannix, that does not mean that these people vote for you because many get away from the area entirely. As you know many people are politically promiscuous and contact all TDs and councillors about their problems.
So Mannix, I would be careful before you lock a straight jacket on all flexibility in the Council.