John Gormley and Electoral Survival

Kilkenny Bruiser Second Row Hulk Hogan is challenging John Gormley in
relation to compliance with the standards in public office legislation.
After elbowing Eamonn Ryan at the Green line out on the 22, Hogie has put up the Poolbeg conflict of interest ball for Gormley to field.

Gormley knows that with Hogie, you know you are going to get hit hard but not necessarily how. Gormley is hoping that the Economic-Undertaker-from-Clara throws a wobbler and squeezes him so tight that his pips pop and he exits the government on a point of principle to oppose the incinerator at Ringsend. Gormley hopes that the mugs in Sandymount won’t notice the waste of about €200 million in EU fines due to his foreshore licence tardiness etc and will put the Green Man back in the Dail even if he is only joined there by Sergeant Vegiburger. Labour’s flying flanker Humph and the St Michael’s No 6 are waiting to crash tackle him.
Ruairi meanwhile is sitting on the wall at Beach Road thinking of Jack
Torpey saving Sandymount Strand while the Sindo makes sure that Lucy Loo is the Goddess waiting to bring Eurosanity to Green issues.
No I am not cynical!!!!
Read Stephen Collins in the Irish Times on Gormley and the incinerator
The Taoiseach Brian Cowen TD should intervene with his Government
colleague, John Gormley, Minister for Environment, regarding the conflict
of interest he has in respect to Poolbeg Incinerator Fine Gael Environment Spokesperson Phil Hogan said today (Saturday).
“It is inappropriate that a Minister should be adopting a political stance
in his constituency on a particularly issue while at the same time directly responsible for all decisions relating to the project.
“The Minister for the Environment is responsible for processing a foreshore application to Dublin City Council in respect of a water cooling system for the project.

“The Minister for Environment has no waste policy except one of deliberate obstruction to a waste energy facility in his constituency. It is time for the Taoiseach Brain Cowen TD to implement Government policy and to insist that his cabinet colleagues are not making decisions that demonstrate a clear conflict of interest.”