Ballymun Area Update July 2010

Ballymun Area Office Report

Item No: 28

1. Community Update

2. Housing/Estate Management


1. Community Update

Relocation of Community Groups

The process of identifying and responding to the accommodation needs of community groups operating from flats and basements that are now required for demolition is continuing. Area staff in conjunction with Ballymun Regeneration Ltd have identified alternative accommodation and refurbished units for more than fifty community-based organisations. There are currently 37 flats/basements/houses assigned to community groups. These are broken down as follows:

Shangan: 17 units in total: 15 flats and two basements
Coultry: 4 units in total: 3 flats and 1 basement
Silloge: 8 units in total: 7 flats and 1 basement
Balbutcher/Balcurris: 6 units in total: 1 flat and 5 basements
Poppintree: 2 houses

In recent weeks there has been considerable anti social activity around what is referred to as the “community block”, the first block in Shangan, which houses 12 community groups at present. A meeting was held with the groups under the auspices of Safer Ballymun to discuss how we can collectively respond to this issue.

Sillogue Temporary Community Facility
BRL has purchased a portacabin for use as a temporary community facility for four groups operating from flats in the Sillogue and Shangan areas in Ballymun. The facility is passing through the planning process and negotiations are ongoing with the groups involved to facilitate their transition from the flats into this shared facility.

Friends of the Park
The purpose of establishing “Friends of the Park” initiatives is to explore potential ways to respond to existing fears associated with the parks and to look at the possibility of developing some community led initiatives that would encourage local ownership and pride in the new and existing parks. In previous years events have been organised through the “Friends of the Park” initiatives in Coultry Park, Whiteacre and in Silloge Green. Play Days in association with the “Friends of the Park” initiative will be held in Silloge Green and Coultry Park. A notice has been placed in the Safer Ballymun newsletter stating that if any resident is interested in becoming involved or requires more information on this initiative to contact the local community development section. The Park Watch group was set up on the recommendation of an emergency motion at the April meeting of the North West Area Committee. The first meeting took place on the 2nd June 2010 to ascertain the focus of the group and a proposed agenda for future meetings.
The next meeting took place on the 5th July and representatives from the Gardai, Ballymun Regeneration Ltd., Dublin City Council, Safer Ballymun, local residents and public representatives attended. The issues discussed were the official opening, security measures, programme activities and other issues of concern in and around the park. Issues were identified and actions were agreed upon. The next meeting of this group will take place at the end of August.

Summer Projects

This year there are nine summer projects taking place in Ballymun during the months of June, July and August, catering for over 2,000 children.
The Summer Projects are supported and financed by Dublin City Council, Catholic Youth Care, Ballymun Regeneration and Vincent de Paul. Dublin City Council provides two summer students for the three months as volunteers to
help and assist each of the projects. This year the Community
Development Section have compiled a Summer Calendar of events outlining all the summer projects and summer activities in Ballymun and 3,000 copies were circulated to all the schools in the Ballymun area. The calendar is dedicated to James Murray, our summer student from 2009, who died tragically.

Environmental Projects

Burren Court

Community Development and Poppintree estate management in partnership with Global Action Plan have begun a community gardening project in Burren Court. The participants are from the Ballymun Job Centre and the residents from Burren Court. This is part of a training course that 16-24 year olds both male and female are partaking in. This project started on the 4th May and will continue throughout the summer.

Rothar Programme (BEST Goes Green)

Ballymun Education Support Team is based in Geraldstown House, Ballymun.
They offer support to young people outside formal education structures and
includes a Garda Youth Diversionary Project. This year B.E.S.T is running
a number of new summer programmes for six young men from their target group. Programmes include a bicycle recovery and repair service and assistance in a number of environmental projects in the area. BEST have bought lawnmowers (motor) to help them deliver one of their programmes
which involves them contributing to their community. In partnership with
Dublin City Council BEST has identified Burren Court as one of their community projects. Dublin City Councils Parks Department assisted in their training. The intention of the programme is to give the students an opportunity to contribute to their community, develop empathy for others, and if they complete the programme they get to keep the lawnmowers, thus giving them an opportunity to earn money for the remainder of the summer.
Dublin City Council’s Community Development Section will support the running of this module.


Environmental work is being carried out with the residents from Gateway Court. A number of flowers beds will be refurbished and plant boxes placed in Gateway this summer. It is hoped that the success of this project will encourage other streets within Gateway to take a greater interest in their area.


Community Development will support the environmental work being carried out in a number of areas in Poppintree throughout the summer. These include clean up days, planting and various other activities.

2. Housing/Estate Management

Ballymun Lettings
May – June 2010


Points 2 2

Homeless 1


Welfare 1


Regen Detenanting (New) 15

Regen Detenanting (Interim) 13

Inter Transfer

Surrender Larger Acc. 1

Financial Contribution

Unfit Accommodation

Estate Management

Part V Planning Act. 4

Sub Totals 4 35

Overall Total 39

The Ballymun Area Office continues to allocate dwellings in the Ballymun area with the focus on detenanting the remaining blocks and housing of persons from the Housing and Transfer lists.

If an account is in arrears of rent, no maintenance will be carried out on the property. Rent arrears are also taken into account when considering a transfer application. All outstanding AR1 forms were processed within the last month.

Anti Social Behaviour
Estate Management
67 Formal complaints were received and 25 interviews took place in the Ballymun Area Office between April and June 2010.

Exclusion Orders
Two cases are currently being considered.

Final Warnings
Final Warnings have been issued for continuous anti-social behaviour relating to problems within the blocks in Ballymun.

Notice to Quit/Evictions
Two cases have been forwarded to the central section for consideration of legal action.

Dublin Bus
Our Estate Management Team continues to meet bi-monthly with Dublin Bus and its union representatives, residents association representatives and the Gardai to determine a coordinated approach should there be attacks on buses in the area. Particular locations have been identified and are being focused on by the Gardai and our C.C.T.V which can monitor these areas.

Coultry/ Silloge/ Shangan
We have now de-tenanted the second block in Silloge Road, considerably in advance of schedule. We are now focusing on the remaining blocks in Shangan, Coultry and Sillogue with a view to, where possible, moving the most isolated tenants. This is to try and reduce the amount of difficulties
tenant are experiencing on these blocks. The environment remains
challenging and we are in frequent contact with an Garda Siochana in relation to anti-social behaviour in the blocks.

Ballymun Estate Offices
The Housing Manager and the local Garda Superintendant met to discuss the ongoing work between the two agencies in Ballymun and to examine how to optimise our co-operation. As some changes in personnel have occurred on both sides it was agreed that in the coming weeks both groups would meet to discuss the issues arising in each area.

Neighbourhood Wardens

Following a review it was decided that the Neighbourhood Warden Service would become a Working Warden Service with the nature of work etc to be decided by local Management. This will ensure that they remain an important resource for the Ballymun Area.

Proposal to extend the concierge service to the remaining blocks This proposal remains with the Department of the Environment, which is querying the number of blocks for which this measure is required. There are now roughly 170 tenanted units in the 6 blocks without concierge.

Ballymun Lifts

The army is still maintaining the lifts in Ballymun. There are at present
14 lifts working which is approximately half the compliment. Dublin City Council’s Housing and Residential Services Department and Human Resources Department are currently endeavouring to facilitate a mediation process between TEEU, Pickerings and the City Council as a means to resolving this dispute. In cases of hardship we have offered to relocate tenants where possible. Dublin City Council is indebted to the services provided by the army during the dispute and take this opportunity to thank them.

3. Ballymun RAPID

CCTV Project
Ballymun Regeneration Limited signed contracts with POBAL on the 11th of December, the first 40% of the funding was realised and work on the various elements of the project has begun. Dublin City Council is in the process of finalising service level agreements and maintenance contracts with the contractors involved in the project, and agreeing a protocol with an Garda Siochana re response to incidents picked up by the cameras. The installation of the system commenced on the 18th of January and is estimated to take approximately 25 weeks to complete all the elements of the project. POBAL will release the second 40% of the funding when the first percentage has been spent and the final 20% on completion of the project. The new system includes the installation of 48 new cameras and the relocation of the existing Dublin City Council system that is currently located in Plunkett Tower to the new control room at Santry Cross. This project is now moving into its final construction phase. It is expected the project should be complete by the end of August 2010, with the first
cameras coming on stream in July. The challenge then will be how to
optimise the effectiveness of the system in managing anti-social behaviour in the area.

The RAPID coordinators were invited to a meeting with Minister Pat Carey on the 26th and the 27th of May. The meeting was mainly for the minister to introduce himself in his new role and to discuss how he sees the RAPID programme progressing. No funding announcements were made at this meeting.

The community support budget templates have been completed and submitted to POBAL for their approval. There is €6,906 allocated to the Ballymun Area, due regard has been paid to the criteria and guidelines issued by Pobal for the preparation of this proposal.

The overall aim of this budget application is to increase access and awareness of the RAPID programme in Ballymun area. It is also necessary to support and expand community participation in the local RAPID programme by the AIT.

Item No: 29

Ballymun Voids

July 2010

On Offer
Number Type Vacant Remarks
Road 6 Bungalow 04/10/2009 Offer Accepted.
Road 40 House On Offer.

Gardens 85 House 30/04/2010 Offer Accepted.
Gardens 112 House Offer Accepted.
Silloge Gardens 63 House Ready to let.
Gardens 87 House 07/12/2009 Ready to let.

Total number of units on offer 6

Under Repair
Number Address Type Vacant Remarks
Balbutcher Drive 19 House 04/05/2010 Work in Progress
Belclare Crescent 49 House Under Repair
Coultry Drive 75 Apt Under Repair
Sandyhill Gardens 141 House 18/08/2009 Long term repair

Silloge Close 1 Apt 06/09/2009 Long term repair

Termon Court 4 House 04/12/2009 Long term repair

Whiteacre Crescent 28 Apt 29/03/2010 Under Repair

Total Under Repair 7

Contact: Donal Barron
Phone: 222 5708