Rent to Buy Scheme in Dublin

Ireland’s first Local Authority ‘Rent-to-Buy’launch takes place at Block B, Herberton, Rialto, Dublin 8, with 16 properties available to view to people on the City Council’s Affordable Housing list.

The Scheme will consist of 91 units in total for rent at three locations in
the city. The other locations are at Prospect Hill, Glasnevin with 64
properties, and Park View, Dublin 11 with 11 properties. The 91 units
comprise a mixture of one, two and three bed roomed apartments and

The scheme allows the renter to agree a fixed purchase price at the outset and then rent their home for a maximum of three years. If they buy during that time approximately 80% of what they paid in rent comes off the purchase price. The remaining 20% goes to service, management and administration fees. Renters also move into a furnished apartment and keep furnishings if they purchase the property.