Jamestown Road Residents Anger at Smart Recycling Plant

On 23 July a meeting of residents in the environs of Jamestown Road was held in the Willow Pub on Sycamore Road, Finglas.

Since the June bank holiday, local houses have been infested with aggressive flies including blue bottles. This has made their summers intolerable and has reduced their quality of life. There were about 40 residents present and also the site owner of most of old Whessoe industrial site who is landlord to about 16 businesses. The meeting was chaired by the formidable Lucy O’Neill former WP City Councillor.

Smart Recycling at Jamestown Road has been in operation for a short few months. It was given plannning permission and a enviironmental waste licence for recycling dry waste from Dublin City Council. At the meeting question were raised as to the gap between the planning consitions and the waste licence which apparently was later amended. The sequence of planning permission and tyhe waste permit seemed disjointed. There was quite an odour for some time which now has abated. Apparently 350 tons of illegal refuse was removed under supervision from the plant and it is now supposed to be operating legally in full compliance with the requirements. residents are skeptical in that regard.

Questions regarding the waste water and sewage arrangements were raised as was the supply of fresh water.

Brian Whelan said that there were fires on some nights which were clearly illegal. There also appear to be rubbish deliveries in the early hours of the morning.

There is a flood attenuation pond there and this may be a source of nutrition and a breeding ground for flies and insects. There is also an increase in the number of scavenging sea gulls there indicating waste left lying about.

Mr Stephen Collins made salient points on the issue of C1 forms which each waste trusk must possess. This form indicates the origin of the waste in each truck and should be inspected and tracked backwards.

Roisin Shortall outlined the reserved function to council management of the planning and licencing sequence here. She will pursue the isses in the coming week.

The need to address the insect issue is important and I said that it should not be assumed that the insects infesting houses in Jamestown Road, Sycamore Road, McKelvey Road originate from this single industrial source. Many residents have lived on Jamestown Road for 20 to 40 years and have never experienced anything like this.

Environmental Safety and the Planning Enforcement will be asked by the North West Area committee monitor the position and report on compliance with the planning laws and the licencing restrictions.


  1. Detailed report on the history of planning and licencing of Smart Recycling
  2. An entomologist must be engaged to draw up a report for action in this area immediately.
  3. Residents to monitor and report on out-of-ours deliveries to the plant
  4. Councillors to report to residents on details by paper copy.