Street Signs as gaeilge

I believe that the City Council should respect the diversity of cultures in the area by reversing the intolerant Gaelic-only naming policy which was recently passed. This country is a lot wider than just Gaelic Irish. Lets pretend that those 10% + of the population have been born elsewhere do not count. That leaves a whole raft of people outside the Gaelic Irish Catholic tradition and stock.

Therefore I believe that the official street naming policy should resolve that names reflect aspects of local history, names of places and people, or plants, native fauna and wild life. These names can be in English or Irish or directly reflect names as outlined. Bogus Gaelic translations or onomatopoeic spellings of common English or European names should be avoided.

Dual Gaelic and English names should remain where appropriate. But the Tudor Downs and Epsom salts names should be avoided. Street naming should become the property of the Area Committees and not an executive function. I once demurred about Hampton Wood as it smacked to me of Henry Tudor ( I
know Hampton court !) but the manager told me that it really was not my business.