Smithfield Horse Market

Subject: Dublin City Councillors

Dear Sir/Madam,

DSPCA will soon be in court with Dublin City Council regarding the Smithfield Horse Market occuring on the first Sunday of every month.

This is an out-dated and abusive market where some animals are sold for less than €10 to underage people. You can also see the terrible condition of these animals, clearly showing the background they come from, and the type of people populating the market.

It’s a shame to have such a barbaric event taking place in a city like Dublin, pillar of a new and more advanced Ireland where I’m sure this kind of issues are somethig of the past.

Please, ban this market once and for all and show that Dublin is the city we all want it to be, free of nonsense and suffering.

Kind regards,

John X

Dear Mr X,

It is a strange country that those types of people are allowed live here.

The Nazis had the answer for those types of undesirables. It is a Dis Grace that there are no jodpurs and proper head gear on board. The number of Harvey Smiths is further evidence of the Yorkshire working class backgrounds of some of these reprobates.

Dublin City Council will impound these horses if they are let roam around our jurisdiction. Proper order I say. The Popular Front for Proper Standards insists that ragamuffins are confined to the margins of the M50.

Maybe they should all be sent to ride around Arizona and New Mexico as border guards. At least our huddies speak peoper English and are not Mexicans and such like

Beir bua

Is mise le meas

Sir William Hufton Pufton Tormey-Haughey