Smithfield horsemen ride on!

On the issue of Smithfield Horse Fair, I wrote a satirical reply on August
7th in response to some of the lobbying earlier. There have been many other e-mails on the subject. Most follow a pattern. These fall into two
categories. Reasonable or strident. I have posted two. You can judge for yourself. Some people don’t like satire. Come back Jonathan Swift, the Lilliputians are on the march.

I have reassured Ms Broxson that my dog “Fluffy” is safe and well with me for the past 13 years. Her picture is on my website. My cat made 18 years before succumbing to cancer. The arrogant presumption and assumptions of some are best left exposed by their own words. You are right Ms Broxson, I do not tolerate certain types with equanimity.

Here are examples.

To all the Dublin City Councillors,

Please ensure the horse fair/market is banned from the city/Smithfield as soon as possible.
I have witnessed harsh treatment to young horses on my two visits in 2002 and 2004. I have also noted that the onlookers in general are nervous to report anything questionable to the Guards or the DSPCA for fear of a reprisal.

None of this is healthy. All horse breeding should be under the spotlight,
I am not only citing the Smithfield Market but if the venue is taken away, the practice of horse-dealing may fade away too.

It is a huge shame that Ireland is sending so many horses to slaughter.
This is where these poor animals eventually land up.

Thanking you,

Jennifer Richardson.

Cllr Tormey,

I am writing to you in relation to the inappropriate and unprofessional
correspondence you have been having with some of our members, in relation to the Smithfield Horse Market. An example of which you have so blatantly included on your website – .

How any councillor could behave in such a way is beyond belief. Not only do you have a complete lack of empathy for animals, but you are disrespecting the people in your city, which you should be representing.

Should other members of Dublin City Council care to see the emails you have been sending out, we would be happy to forward them.

Please grow up and develop some form of professionalism.

Awaiting what I presume will be another example of your immature drivel,

Laura Broxson

National Animal Rights Association