Gloria in Excelsis Deo

Pope Benedict XV1 has refused the resignation of assistant bishops Eamonn Walsh and Raymond Field. This is an exocet into the nether regions of the most impressive clerical person in Ireland for many decades – Archbishop Diarmuid Martin.

The reason this matters is that it reflects an attitude by a head of state towards the Irish people and government. If the Vatican was not a statelet, then presumably it would not have diplomatic relations with Ireland, many other countries and the United Nations.

The Murphy Report noted the refusal of the Vatican to co-operate.

I would love to call in the Ambassador (Papal Nuntio) to tell him that non-cooperation by his masters in the matter of the protection of our children is intolerable. A diplomatic letter should be sent to the Vatican Head of State informing them of our displeasure.

I feel great sorrow and sympathy for the millions of serious Roman Catholics on this island as the saga of this disgusting sex and physical abuse activity reverberates around their spiritual and psychological space.
There is a huge lot to be said for Anglicanism!

All this and misogyny in the past few weeks! What an organisation! John Cooney is correct – this is the biggest Catholic crisis since the Reformation.