Dublin City Council do the Right Thing on Poolbeg Incinerator

The actions of Dublin City Council in setting in train the Compulsory
Purchase Order for about 1.7 sq km to allow Liffey water be used for a
cooling system at the Waste to Energy 600,000 tonne capacity Incinerator in
Poolbeg are necessary to protect the public interest. I unequivocally
support the manager’s actions and would have taken this action earlier if I
was an elected mayor of Dublin. Minister Gormley has at most about about 22
months in office. Any new minister can reverse financial impediments
introduced to impede the effective use of incineration. Land fills are a
no-no. Irrespective of party considerations, this move by Dublin City Council is correct and not before time. It will protect the taxpayer from pain from government-inflicted EU fines. Let’s get on with the construction as fast as possible. So no tardiness please from the Bord Pleanala process.

I will wait to see if any political representative in South East has the
cojones to support the City Council in limiting the potential cost to the
taxpayer and for implementing government policy.

I will not be found wanting at this point because it is not sensible to
throw the reverse gear now. The cost is way too high. There has to be
incineration. There has to be a reduction in land fill. There is a contract
with Covanta. There is an EU fine hanging over our failures. We have no
money for dilettantism. Dublin City Council is correct.

Action at last, thank God almighty, there is action at last. (thanks Martin
Luther King)