Collins, political violence and Kevin Myers

It depends how you approach violence. I abhor political violence except in obvious self-defence. It appears that John Bruton, former Taoiseach and Minister also takes a negative view of political violence. I believe that 1916 was a reckless piece of adventureism. The giants of modern Irish politics are conventionally thought to be the men of 1916 whose actions have been glorified. The pagentry of the 1916 – 1966 RTE programmes was very emotional and propagandist. There was an absense of any contrary argument and Eoin McNeill was suggested as a virtual traitor for doubting and delaying. Tomas MacAnna I think was a producer at the time.

Anyway, when I was young, I was taught that killing was WRONG. There were arguments about just wars and all that but in a democracy, was it not apparent that Irish independence was on offer? I could never have operated with collins because I would have been unable to walk in and kill someone at home like his gang/squad did. Maybe I am nambe pambe but there you are.

Collins’ major achievement was his bond flotation and performance as Finance Minister in a revolution. I also believe that his death stoked hate.

The other question of the Boundary Commission has never been addressed. I still find it strange that south Armagh is not in the republic nor is half of Derry City outside of waterside.

Anyway, Myers may be polemical but there is more than a grain of truth in his writings and essays.