Robbery at Mace on Glasnevin Avenue

Last night after nine, I walked down to the local Mace shop with my dog Fluffy, who is old slow and arthritic. The staff and owner of this shop are very nice and friendly people. It doubles as the local Post Office now that Athlone Man Noel Wheatley and his wife Angela have retired. Noel is a property owning left winger. Love them. So did Stalin!!!

Anyway, I was in the back of the shop, when turning in response to an inappropriate sound, I saw a guy at the counter at the cash register leaning over and pointing, what looked like a mobile phone to me, a hand held X at the shop assistant and shouting – “Gimme all the money or I’ll shoot ye”. I’m not certain if an expletive for emphasis was not included.

He suddenly leaned over the counter and violently put his hand into the till to grab the money. I could not see the assistant properly but I started walking towards the guy thinking, “is that a real gun or do I tackle this guy – 3rd Bs style- I shouted and folllowed the guy who ran out the door turning right towards the Autobahn pub along the path. (I did not wait to pay for the Herald!) He ran eastwards passing the Glasnevin Drive junction and down the road along the southern side. I followed him from across the road because I had my camera for all seasons and wanted to photograph him and catch him. He is about 5ft 11/6 ft tall weighing about
11 st 7 – 12 stone and relatively slightly built. He had a huddie top in grey on him with the front of his skull clearly visible and dark blue bottoms, I think but definitely a different colour. He has mousy brown hair relatively short and spoke with a D11 accent. He was stressed looking while robbing the shop.

I crossed the raod and tried to flag down a car to give me a lift to catch the guy but no joy. Then having got past the next bus-stop walking as quickly as I could, a Garda van appeared from the Ballymun Road end and I flagged it down. The cops were great and turned around immediately and I got in and searched down both parts of Ballymun Road north and south of the junction and Collins Avenue down to DCU. But no joy.

Fair does to the cops in Ballymun. I thought the attitude of the three Gardai in the van was exemplary. The public should be proud of them.

I had to start a statement back at the shop which was now closed to allow the crime scene experts to take finger prints and look at the Closed Circuit TV. I hope the locals know who this guy is.

Crime for that prat will pay unless he is caught.

Half an hour later, I was down on Coultry Road, Ballymun where other prats burned the basement area of a row of flats due for demolition. The Fire Brigade were there as were the Gardai. Such is life! On 31st August 2010.

I would love to see Aoibhinn Twomey of Northside People or The Herald publish the CCTV pictures of this criminal.People like that coursen the quality of life for us all.