RTE Prime Time on Incinerator Contract

The RTE Prime Time Report on the contract signed in 2007 between Covanta,
Waste to Energy and Dublin City Council by Paul Cunningham shows a bound
copy of the contract. This was shown to a contract lawyer who stated that
there is a get-out clause if certain conditions had not been met in 36
months. Sunday is the deadline but the council hide behind commercial
confidentiality to avoid answering the questions. Councillor Kevin
Humphries spoke about a new waste management policy in a piece of political
sophistry. This is a national issue not a local constituency issue at
Dublin South East.

This contract must be made available for inspection by councillors in order
to discharge their public duty. At a minimum, the party group leaders on
the council must see this document.

The level of public distrust with regard to this issue is large and the key
underlying problem is the culture of secrecy in the public service in
general which has been inherited from the British civil service. The
country needs a culture change to improve public administration.