Eamonn Dunphy and Ursula Halligan on TV3

This is an excellent interview. Dunphy describes his detachment as a journalist and his mid life crisis of partying, alcohol, cannabis and cocaine. He freely acknowledges his imperfections and is asked about his writings about Dick Spring, Mary Harney, Charlie McCreevey and Roy Keane.

Halligan asked him about being a contrarian and he denied it putting his contrary views down to conviction rather than attention seeking. He says that journalists should remain as detached as possible from their subjects to allow the application of the boot in a professional manner.

He tells of his late brother playing football with Bertie Ahern in Drumcondra. He describes his Last Word success on Today FM, building an audience against the might of RTE. He downplays the quality of his TV3 show taking on Pat Kenny on the Late Late Show.

He is very honest about his first marriage at a young age and salutes his first wife saying that they just drifted apart. He is close to his children and also gives the full credit to Jane his wife.

Dunphy was a good footballer. He was slight but obviously intelligent on the field –Manchester United, Millwall, York City, Shamrock Rovers and Ireland. Good player for Rovers at Milltown with John Giles and Ray Treacy, Alan O’Neill and co.

I like Dunphy. I think that he is a national treasure.

PS he has 3 years left of his 10 year driving ban for sauce.