For Ireland’s sake – Cowen and Lenihan – Go

RTE TV Documentary “Freefall” claimed that on Monday 29th September 2008, Anglo realised that they were insolvent and (Drumm and Fitzpatrick) sought to meet Richard Burrows and Brian Goggins of Bank of Ireland to ask for a take-over. These lads declined and got on to AIB with the news. AIB and BoI then arranged to meet the Minister for Finance Brian Lenihan.

It is unlikely that this pair did not tell Mr Lenihan that the Anglo game was up. Then both Minister Lenihan and Taoiseach Cowen went ahead and guaranteed all the bank deposits of Anglo.

This has probably increased the eventual bank bail-out costs from €40 billion to €90 billion. That is €90,000,000,000

A whole lot of cash.

However, Brian Cowen denied that the government was not told about the Anglo approach to BoI but Irish Times ‘sources’ in BoI say that this is incorrect.

If this is true, it makes Cowen and Lenihan even more complicit in the financial catastrophe that is Anglo, Nama and Irish government debt.

At this stage Go Lads – Do the country a favour and call and election so that the people can decide.