Antisocial behaviour in Finglas – Eviction

THE FAMILY FROM HELL; Family of six with 243 convictions between them.

Byline: Alan Sherry

A FAMILY have been evicted from their council house after clocking up 243 convictions.

The notorious O’Hare family in Finglas have wreaked havoc on their terrified t

Mr Justice Matthew Deery granted Dublin City Council Dublin City Council permission to evict the family from One their council home in Finglas, after hearing evidence from local gardai that as many as 400 complaints had been made about them in the past eight years.

Paula O’Hare, her daughter Sabrina, 23, and sons Mark, 28, John, 27, Gary, 22, and Darragh, 18, have between them been charged with an astonishing array of offences.

They range from allegations of drug dealing, assaults, arson burglaries, theft, criminal damage, public order, road traffic offences, obstructing gardai and failing to appear in court.

Just hours after the court ruling by Dublin Circuit Court President Mr Justice Deery, mother Paula, 62, was seen performing ‘donuts’ and handbrake turns in her car outside her home on Berryfield Road.

Miss O’Hare, who notoriously once answered the door to gardai wearing just a G-string, then tormented neighbours by pressing down on the car horn for several minutes.

Yesterday, neighbours were too afraid to speak openly about the family or even be seen talking about them to reporters. Those who did told how the O’Hares would intimidate anyone suspected of making complaints against them and of their relief that the ‘council had finally done their job’.

‘There are families who have lived here for more than 30 years and were always able to leave their doors open. But that all changed after that family moved in,’ said one neighbour.

‘Two years ago Mark [O’Hare] got up on the roof of a house after it was raided by gardai and refused to come down. We had 11 Garda squad cars, the fire brigade and an ambulance here all night trying to get him down.

‘More recently the youngest fella, Darragh, who is now serving time, went on the rampage one day. After trying to steal from a TV man’s van, he kicked in the door of a house across the road at 11am the same morning.

‘We later heard that he had been picked up by gardai in a stolen car near Drogheda.’

He added: ‘If it was just one or two incidents, then you could forgive them but the anti-social behaviour can go on for weeks. The entire area is being given a bad name by one family which is why we are delighted the council has finally done its job and moved them out.’

Locals point out that the area has acquired the moniker (1) A name, title or alias. See alias.

(2) A COM object that is used to create instances of other objects.
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‘Battlefield Road’ within the greater north Dublin area.

Paula has the fewest convictions of all the family – with just four for offences including disorderly conduct disorderly conduct

Conduct likely to lead to a disturbance of the public peace or that offends public decency. It has been held to include the use of obscene language in public, fighting in a public place, blocking public ways, and making threats.
….. Click the link for more information.. Though gardai sources point to the bad example she set as a mother by answered the door of her home to gardai wearing nothing but a pair of G-string briefs.

Darragh, known locally by his nickname ‘Poochie’, as he is the youngest member of the family, has received as many as 43 convictions., an astonishing number for an 18-year-old.

His Bebo page includes a picture with a sign reading ‘No Rats or Garda’ as well as dozens of pictures of a riot near the O’Hare home.

His sister Sabrina had a claim for e38,000 in damages against the gardai thrown out in 2008.

Circuit Court Judge Jacqueline Linnane said she could not accept as credible Miss O’Hare’s account that a Garda car had reversed at speed into hers, causing her whiplash whiplash n. a common neck and/or back injury suffered in automobile accidents (particularly from being hit from the
rear) in which the head and/or upper back is snapped back and forth suddenly and violently by the impact. injuries.

The incident occurred during a near-riot situation close to the O’Hares’
home in 2008. Sabrina has 11 convictions including some for assault and theft.

Her brother Mark has 75 convictions., including one for drug dealing for which he received a twoyear sentence.

And Gary has 30 convictions for a variety of offences, including violent disorder, criminal damage and theft.

John has 80 convictions for offences including burglary, theft and obstructing gardai.

Local Fine Gael councillor Dr Bill Tormey said: ‘The councillors in Finglas support the campaign by the authorities to rid council houses of people involved in systematic anti-social behaviour and violence towards their neighbours, as well as drug dealing.’

There was no one at the O’Hare house when the Irish Daily Mail called last night.

In court, city housing manager Michael Clarke Michael Clarke may refer to:said complaints, including alleged threatening behaviour and harassment of neighbours, dated back to 1998.

In turn, members of the O’Hare family had complained to council officials that gardai were harassing them.

The judge said he had heard evidence that a Garda search of the house had uncovered ecstasy and other tablets.


THE O’Hares have managed to clock up 243 convictions. between them over the years.

JOHN O’HARE, 27. 80 Convictions.: 69 Road Traffic Offences 2 Theft offences
2 Obstructing gardai 3 Public order 1 Burglary 1 Unauthorised taking of a vehicle 1 Failing to appear in court 1 other offence

MARK O’HARE, 28. 75 Convictions.: 41 Road traffic offences 6 Criminal damage 10 Section 2 assaults 11 Public order offences 1 Obstructing gardai
2 Misuse of drugs act Misuse of Drugs Act is the name of several similar national drug control laws passed by countries in the Commonwealth of Nations and by the Republic of Ireland. With the exception of Ireland’s
1977 Act, they all sort drugs into three categories, Classes A, B, and C. , including a section 15 offence for drug dealing 4 Other offences

DARRAGH O’HARE, 18. 43 Convictions.: 8 Road traffic offences 6 Theft 4 Unauthorised taking of a vehicle 13 Criminal Damage 2 Public order offences
1 Possession of an article 1 Misuse of drugs 1 Burglary 1 Arson 7 Other Offences

GARY O’HARE, 22. 30 Convictions.: 10 Public order 1 Violent disorder 17 Road traffic offences 1 Theft 1 Criminal Damage

SABRINA O’HARE, 23. 11 Convictions.: 2 Public order 1 Section 2 Assault 4 Road Traffic offences 2 Theft offences 2 Failing to appear in court

PAULA O’HARE, 62. MOTHER 4 Convictions.: 1 disorderly conduct 1 refusing to give name and address 2 No valid NCT