Mr Ass H…e dances on grave of Charlie Haughey

An inconsequential nincompoop who won £1.16 million in the lotto in 1994 put himself on U-Tube dancing on Charlie’s grave in St Fintan’s in Sutton.

Charlie Haughey was repeatedly elected in Dublin Northcentral by the voters. They and the rest of us knew what was in the public arena at that time. They and the rest of us knew the waved away questions that hung over his financial affairs. They and the rest of us knew what his supporters did to those FF dissidents, some of whom later formed the PDs. For those of us trying to defeat him, the love he engendered in the people of the northside was obvious in the AAAHHHH Chaarlie!

I thought he was a deluded looney who behaved in a manner that he thought that the people owed him tithes of gratitude in a medieval display of reverence and servility to the nobel Lord Charlie, Prince of Kinsealy. He had his comic moments including his TV address “I wish to talk to you this eveing about teh state of the nation’s affairs and the picture I have to paint is not, unfortunately, a very cheerful one.

The figures which are just now becoming available to us show one thing very clearly. As a community we are living way beyond our means. I do not mean that everyone in the community is living too well. Clearly many are not and have barely enough to get by. But taking us all together, we have been living at a rate which is simply not justified by the amount of goods and services we are producing.

To make up the difference, we have been borrowing enormous amounts of money, borrowing at a rate that just cannot continue……..”

All of that was true but the context was helarious. This man opposed every attempt to cut the deficit when he was in opposition.

Howvere, the Succession Act 1965 when he was Minister fo Justice was a superb piece of legislation protecting the families of deceased persons from the consequences of vindictiveness. Haughey put the spouses and children first. I respect him for that. He did indeed do the state some service.

So Mr Ass …e, you deserve a kick in the nuts for that offensive little outing. Let those without sin cast the first stone. As a bigtime sinner, I sit here on my hands.