Dublin Councillors – join the Fine Gael Group and Reform Ireland

I issue all Dublin City councillors with the zeal for common sense and reform in Ireland to join me in the Fine Gael Group. We are friendly respectful and resourceful with some obviously talented councillors with skills that traverse a wide spectrum of activities. Our intention is to act in the common good. We know that our party has not taken the outer space scenic route in opposition and so is not as popular as the climatologists in the weather vacuum surrounding Shankill’s Galway import – The Prince Regent. Those who work in the public sector and are convinced that Labour will save them are living in dreamland. Read Constantin Gurgiev on the bond markets and the public finances and ask yourself the question, will we pay less for borrowed money under Fine Gael or Labour? The answer is obvious unless Labour puts Ruairi Quinn or maybe Pat Rabbitte into Finance. Either will be a big improvement on Brian Lenihan who may be smooth talking, pseudo competent and reassuring like a lullaby but is simply wrong in most of his major decisions which because of the Billions rather than Millions involved has meant that he has been a disaster.(As a man he is magnificent in his steely bravery).

So, join us in insisting that money is spent on people not property.

Community, Respect and Co-operation makes life better and bearable for us all. help your neighbours in this hour of national crisis. Share school books and equipment. Never resent new Irish. We are all just humans occupying the planet.

Politicians are not all liars and double talkers. I’m not anyway.

It will take us about 10 years to get the country marching inexorably forward. Join the march for Ireland – join Fine Gael. Remember Labour’s pals in Labour in the UK left an economic mess – deficit about 12%. Blair cheered on Bertie even now and endorsed Fianna Fail in the last election.

I will be in the City Hall on Monday night for our next City Council Meeting. anybody interested in this project is invited to let me know, directly or by text or by e-mail. Fine Gael in Dublin is a co-operative group. We act collectively as far as possible. We respect our dissidents on issues and we do not dictate. We require members to attend for mayoral elections and this year to vote for the budget – that includes me!!!

In other areas of the country, if councillors who are moved to consider Fine Gael should ring Phil Hogan TD on 087-8206737. Phil is a serious player. I recommend him but has been known to play the man rather than the ball. You can call me though first if you wish on 087-2544646.