“Them” and “Us”

When “them” means the underclass, the scum, addicts, riff raff, knackers, thugs, huddies, the poor, the schizophrenics, the homeless, the down and out alcoholics, the defeated, the tramps,northside horseriders, tenants of DCC and “us” means the upper and middle classes, the poor little rich boys and girls, the private school pupils, university students, salaried employees in collar and tie, white collar criminals,artisans, nice people from conventional nice homes, private patients, rugby fans, equestrian sports fans, addicts in St John of Gods, mortgage holders,etc.

Voters tend to be “us” rather than “them”. The voter turn-out in “them”
areas is usually in gthe 30%s wheras in the “us” areas it is in the 70%s.Thus time management favours the “Us” candidates rather than the “them” people. The “them” people are also usually underfunded and suffer as a consequence as there is a direct relationship between money spend and electoral success.

In Dublin City Council officials and councillors I subconsciously look for body language and attitudes to “them”. My attitude is influenced by what I preceive. I am fascinated by the skill of some politicians in ferriting out a vote which remains very loyal despite the depredations of their party and the person’s party loyalty and voting record which may result in injury to those who support them.

Meanwhile, I will try to do what I think is right in public life. I will buttress liberty, equality of opportunity and community. There is no such entity as equality. We are all different so how could we be equal? Flacid use of language is common but deceitful. Orators should get real.