Silloge Neighbourhood Centre and Solus

The new Silloge Neighbourhood Centre was opened on 22nd September 2010.

Cluid Housing are upstairs in the building. Sr Anne of Solus was much in evidence and her organisation want to move as quickly as possible because of the physical conditions of the stairwells in the block and the risk of burglaries and hassle. Solus provides segments of adult education for local women and is subvented by the Sisters of Mercy Order – My first three years in school were under the aegis of the Mercy Nuns in Booterstown. Sisters Malachi, Madeline and Amelia and Miss Tully from the Merrion Road. The only strange memory is the orphanage attached at Booterstown Avenue where there was a definite “them” and “us” in operation. Mannix Flynn and Sr Anne can rest assured that I did notice even then.