Willie O’Dea exposes himself to ridicule by rubbishing Fintan O’Toole

The blind prejudice of Willie O’Dea TD in an article in the Sunday Independent was not surprising to those familiar with his grandiloquent hubris-laden bombast. He attacks Fintan O’Toole, deputy editor of the irish Times. He even introduces a little verbal abuse calling him TinCan O’Toole
– which as a moniker of abuse is pretty weak. O’Toole’s “Meanwhile back at the ranch” was a synthesis of the Beef Tribunal which translated that massive blue covered tome into something intelligible. O’Toole has published extensively over many years and certainly does not need me to defend him.

Any semi-objective person could see that Fintan O’Toole has transendent brilliance. Like any of us, sometimes he is simply wrong. Sometimes I too am simply wrong.

To show you the level of ignorant denial in O’Dea’s offering “A traveller from outer space seeing TinCan hailed as out foremost intellectual would begin to understand how the ancient Egyptians could worship an insect.
TinCan may know very little but at least he knows it fluently…….About the only thing I can imagine TinCan has in common with (Bertrand) Russell is that neither has had an original thought since 1990 – though, in fairness, Russell has an excuse, having died that year.”

The problem with this abusive diatribe is that (1) it is published in a National Newspaper (2) it is untrue and that is apparent to the famous dogs in the street (3) Willie O’Dea is a person of obvious high intelligence himself (4) Willie O’Dea has not the excuse of ignorance for this eruction of bile (5) Willie O’Dea should not be a member of a government in a tolerant society (6) there are lots of people I know in Fianna Fail who would be embarrassed but not surprised by O’Dea’s outburst. (6)it seems defamatory to me but I am not a lawyer (7)it is a comical self-expose

Conclusion: O’Dea should ask O’Toole for forgiveness because he has no excuse for this bilious rubbish.

PS. Willie, the Irish Times ignores me anyway.