Taoiseach Brian Cowen, Bill Tormey on Coleman at Large and The Irish Daily Mail pictures

The pictures published in the Irish Daily Mail on Wednesday 29th September of the Taoiseach in a state of less than ideal decorum are disrespectful and intrusive. I see nothing amiss with people letting their hair down at social events. These pictures date from an Ogra FF Conference in Tullamore in 2008. The purpose of publishing is to increase sales at Cowen’s expense.

I can remember many politicians in a state of disrepair after drinking far too much alcohol. Referring to Tony Blair’s recent revelations in his autobiography or to Winston Churchill as I have earlier, or to Boris Yeltsin at Shannon Airport does not lessen the impact for tabloid voyeurs.

Last night. I had the ironic experience with Marc Coleman on Newstalk Radio of defending Brian Cowen against ridicule eminating from Jay Leno’s TV programme in the US. Calling Cowen a moron is straight libel. He is an intelligent and entertaining man. Cowen should never have gone after the portrait painting last year- all it did was show himself up as thin skinned. What sort of a stuck up foll would Cowen be if he did not pose for photos with supporters. My view is that his supporters should look at his record in public office and the outcomes and not whether he is friendly or good craic. The continuous merciless lampooning of Enda Kenny and Cowen on radio is also over the top and deeply damaging. Brian Cowen is not the most photogenic male in Irish politics nor has Enda Kenny acquired a Dort accent despite his length of time holed up in Dublin 2.

Anyone who spends 20 minutes on a dance floor at 1 am could look exactly like Cowen in those pictures and have no alcohol on board. I think this is unfair.The headline REVEALED: COWEN’S ALBUM OF SHAME is propagandist.

Last night, I also had to clarify that Simon Coveney did not Tween that Cowen is a drunk, he said that he sounded half-way between drunk and hungover.

I want Brian Cowen and Fianna Fail out but Reasonable standards are indivisible.