“Drop in well” Family Resource Centre

“Drop in well” Family Resource Centre is situated in Coultry Road. The pictures show the front expanse of the remaining flats which remind me of Moscow central with grafitti. There is a lot of trouble from youths at the top of the road. Recently, the Gardai have found a thousands of euro worth of drugs in the area – snow blow etc.

City Council officials have offered them a flat at Balbutcher Lane or in the Portacabin behind BRYR which is an office only. They want to go into the Shopping Center on a licence with an agreement to leave when the council asks as soon as the Treasury Holdings Shopping Centre Project begins. It is likely to be some considerable time because the Metro North station is part of the new town centre. The Council has cited commercial reasons for not giving them access to the already fitted out premises in the current Shopping Centre. I think that we will have to broker a deal with Michael Stubbs, Declan Wallace, Charlie Lowe and BRL in this regard. All political parties agree with this and I will try to progress this at the next Northwest Area Committee. Another venue which might be a runner is the Shangan Neighbourhood Centre where there is space. Mr Frank Rock will be contacted as Chair of the Shangan Forum to check the feasability of this. This group requires rooms for confidential discussions with families and for councelling. Valerie O’Carroll made the presentation, Frank Rock, Maria Thompson, Marie McNamara and other board members were present to meet councillors Dessie Ellis, Paul McAuliffe, John Lyons and myself. We need to deliver on this. Pat Carey as Minister for Community Affairs has supplied them with about €10,000 to pay rental costs.