Ballymun Update

1. Community Update
Ballymun Positive Ageing town / Positive Ageing week 2010
Ballymun was awarded Positive Ageing Town Status for positive ageing week 2010 by Age Action Ireland. A program of twenty events was put together for this two week festival. Activities included sports, drama, dance, outings, a health information day and a gala dinner dance. The area Community team was involved in all aspects of the planning for this festival, and took full responsibility for the organisation of the Dinner Dance. One hundred and sixty older adults from Ballymun, Santry and Whitehall attended this event. Guests received a full dinner and were entertained by the Artane Senior Band and soloist Antoinette Neary.

Ballymun “Otherworld Festival”
The Ballymun Otherworld Festival opened at the beginning of October with a series of arts projects for young people throughout Ballymun. Workshops are taking place in primary schools, Trinity Comprehensive, Poppintree Youth Projects and with BRYR. Additional work shops are taking place on the streets supported by the estate forums.

The main event will take place on Halloween Night, Sunday the 31st of October. This exciting event opens at 6pm with a parade to the festival village on the Ballymun Plaza. The village hosts eight different entertainment areas most of which are covered. There will music for all tastes, magic, dance, circus, traditional games, food and much, much more. The evening’s entertainment will close with a concert by the acclaimed traditional group, Kila, followed by a spectacular fire works display. For more information see

The event is organised by the Ballymun Festival Steering Committee, an interagency group with representation from Dublin City Council, axis, Ballymun Regional Youth Resource, Poppintree Youth Project, The Ballymun Women’s Resource Centre and representatives from the community of Ballymun. The City Council is the lead agency and principle funder for this event.

Summer Projects
The Community Section Facilitated eight Summer Projects place in Ballymun during the months of June, July and August. They provided places for over 2,000 children. The children who take part are brought on a variety of different trips including Lullymore heritage and discovery park, Fort Lucan, Dublin Zoo, Newbridge Farm and Ballymun Leisure Centre for sports and recreation. The Summer Projects are supported and financed by Dublin City Council, Catholic Youth Care, Ballymun Regeneration Limited and Saint Vincent de Paul. Dublin City Council provides two summer students for the three months as volunteers to assist each of the projects.

This year Dublin City Councils Community Development Section compiled a summer Calendar of events “Fun in the sun in the Mun” outlining all the summer projects and summer activities in Ballymun and 3,000 copies were circulated to all the schools in the Ballymun area.
Environmental Projects:
Burren Court
The community garden project won the best kept area and best kept area endeavour award in the Ballymun Tidy Towns Competition. They also achieved 2nd place in the Northwest Area City Neighbourhoods Competition
Community Development in partnership with GAP intends to work with a class from the local primary school, St Josephs during the autumn on a bio diversity project in the garden that has been refurbished.
Rothar Programme (B.E.S.T)
Ballymun Education Support Team is based in Geraldstown House, Ballymun. They offer support to young people outside formal education structures and includes a Garda Youth Diversionary Project. This year B.E.S.T is running a number of new summer programmes for six young men from their target group. Programmes include a bicycle recovery and repair service and assistance in a number of environmental projects in the area. BEST have bought lawnmowers (motor) to help them deliver one of their programmes which involves them contributing to their community. In partnership with Dublin City Council BEST has identified Burren Court as one of their community projects. Dublin City Councils Parks Department assisted in their training. The intention of the programme is to give the students an opportunity to contribute to their community, develop empathy for others, and if they complete the programme they get to keep the lawnmowers, thus giving them an opportunity to earn money for the remainder of the summer. Dublin City Council’s Community Development Section supported the running of this module. This programme was successfully completed in July.
Balbutcher Lane West
This project involved cleaning, levelling and re-seeding of the five hundred meter stretch of embankment along Balbutcher Lane West between Days Hotel and Carton Terrace. The work was carried out by Poppintree Youth Project with the financial / logistical support of Sika Ltd and the City Council
This project received a special contribution award in the recent Ballymun Tidy Towns Competition. It has made a significant difference to the look of one of the entrances to Ballymun.
The Gateway residents completed 4 clean up days. With the assistance of the Community Development team, the residents placed hanging baskets on all homes that wished to have one placed beside their front door. Window boxes were supplied to all residents who live in apartments. As a result of the environmental work that was done there has been a reduction in dumping of rubbish. The Community Development team continue to work with the residents and hope to complete other projects with them in the future.

Cromlech Court:
The residents of Cromlech Court carried out environmental work and a planting project in their area. It is hope to build on this positive work in 2011.
Belclare Park:
The residents of Belclare Park carried out a number of planting projects in their area this summer with the support of the Community Development team.
Friends of the Park
The purpose of establishing “friends of the park” initiatives is to explore potential ways to respond to existing fears associated with the parks and to look at the possibility of developing some community led initiatives that would encourage local ownership and pride in the new and existing parks.
The Community Development team and Ballymun Regenerations Social Sustainability Unit under the auspices of Friends of the Park initiative ran four play days this summer. This would not have been possible without the residents from each area helping on the day. The parks included in the project were, Silloge, Coultry, Poppintree, and Balcurris.
Resident meetings
The Community Development team continue to work with all residents groups in the local area. Recently we have met with St. Josephs Plunkett Tower, Gateway residents association, Hamptons Woods & Parkside groups. The Community Development team will continue to work with all residents groups in the area on projects of interest to them.
Comhairle na nÓg
The purpose of Comhairle na nÓg is to give young people a chance to develop their opinions on issues both local and city wide, to develop a work plan around the chosen issues, and to influence decision makers in the city in relation to these issues.
It is a way of making sure the voices of young people are heard by the adults whose job it is to listen to all of their views and to make Dublin a better place for everyone to live, work and play in.
The Northwest Area Comhairle na nÓg was held on the 12th October 2010. Schools from both the Ballymun and Finglas areas took part on the day. Nine children were elected to represent the Northwest area in the city wide Comhairle na nÓg.

2. Housing/Estate Management
The Ballymun Area Office continues to allocate dwellings in the Ballymun area with the focus on detenanting the remaining blocks in Shangan, Coultry and Silloge and housing of persons from the Housing and Transfer lists.
If an account is in arrears of rent, no maintenance will be carried out on the property. Rent arrears are also taken into account when considering a transfer application. All outstanding AR1 forms were processed within the last month.
Anti Social Behaviour
Estate Management
71 Formal complaints were received and 25 interviews took place in the Ballymun Area Office between June and Sept 2010.

Exclusion Orders
Four cases are currently being considered.

Final Warnings
2 Final Warnings have been issued for continuous anti-social behaviour relating to problems within the Blocks in Ballymun.

Notice to Quit/Evictions
Three cases have been forwarded to the Central section for consideration of Legal action.

Dublin Bus
Our Estate management team continues to meet bi-monthly with Dublin Bus and its union representatives, residents association representatives and the Gardai to determine a coordinated approach should there be attacks on buses in the area. Particular locations have been identified, these were Shangan and Silloge and these have been focused on by the Gardai and our C.C.T.V. operation.

Coultry/ Silloge/ Shangan
We are now focusing on the remaining blocks in Shangan, Coultry and Silloge with a view to, where possible, moving the most isolated tenants. This is to try and reduce the amount of difficulties tenants are experiencing on these blocks. The environment remains challenging and we are in frequent contact with the Gardai in relation to anti-social behaviour in the blocks.

Working Wardens
The Neighbourhood Wardens are now working in their new role throughout the area. The work which they undertake will be decided by local Management. This will ensure that they remain an important resource for the Ballymun area.
Networks / other activities
Area staff continue to engage in a wide number of networks and organisations locally, and are represented on the boards of BRYR, Drugs Task Force (both at board level and on the supply sub-committee), RAPID, Youngballymun, Safer Ballymun, Network for assisting children and young people, Poppintree Childcare Centre, Ballymun Active Disability Interest Group, Ballymun Intercultural Group, Youth Development Group, Poppintree Centre Advisory Group, Tidy Towns Committee, Community Facilities Forum, HSE Child Protection Working Group, Ballymun Festival Steering Group, Ballymun / Whitehall Partnership, Nordubco, Ballymun Regeneration Social Regeneration Sub-Committee. In addition we meet other statutory agencies and residents groups as the need arises.

Allocation Category Housing list Transfer List

Points 8 5

Homeless 3

Medical 1

Welfare 1 4

Fire/Flood 2

Regen Detenanting(New) 34

Regen Detenanting(Interim) 8

Regen Detenanting(old house) 30

Inter Transfer 2

Surrender Larger Acc. 3

Financial Contribution

Unfit Accommodation

Estate Management 1

Part V Planning Act. 18

Sub Totals 12 108

Total 120

3. Ballymun RAPID
Ballymun CCTV Project
The much anticipated integrated CCTV system for the Ballymun area was launched on 13th of October by Minister Dermot Ahern, who also launched the Safer Ballymun Web Site.

The purposes of the Ballymun CCTV system include:
Assistance in the maintenance of public order and safety;
Assistance in the prevention, detection and investigation of offences;
Assistance in the prosecution of offenders.

The Ballymun CCTV system consists of the installation of 42 additional cameras, which are spread throughout the five neighbourhoods in the Ballymun area. The system operates on a wireless basis using radio signals instead of fibre optic cable for transmission of the signal. The Ballymun Garda station will have the capacity to directly view live footage. The new cameras are linked in with the existing DCC cameras and monitored from a centralised control room. The system is controlled by a strict code of practice informed by the data protection act 1988. The DCC North West Area office will be responsible of the ongoing monitoring, management and maintenance of the system. A ‘slave’ system is in place in the Garda Station, so that an Garda can see the same images as the monitoring room.

It is envisaged that the installation this a system will contribute to the original vision of a safe and secure Ballymun area with an overt, yet amiable security presence. The use of CCTV in the main thoroughfares, shopping areas, recreation areas, parks and other circulation and assembly areas will contribute to a feeling of safety for residents and visitors to the area. It will also actively contribute to the actions of the Garda Siochana in their ongoing efforts to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour in the area.

European Capital of Sport for 2010
Dublin has been awarded the European capital of sport for 2010. Ballymun RAPID AIT has included this as one of the main items to be focused on over the coming weeks. The Ballymun Sports Week plans to promote the existing sporting facilities and services in the area while developing a week of activities that will increase physical activity, health promotion and awareness of existing services for residents and groups in the area. This sports week is organised in partnership with the Dublin City Council Sport and Recreation officer, sports development officer and Ballymun Regeneration Limited Sports development officer and a number of different National Governing Bodies of Sport.

The Sports Week is due to take place from the 25th of October to the 31st of October. There is a number of activities organised from Splash days, hip hop, tag rugby, futsal to eco adventure activities to name only a few which will cater for young and old individuals and groups from the area.

The Ballymun Sports week is being funded by a number of organisations: RAPID, DCC area office, DCC Social Inclusion Unit and Ballymun Regeneration Limited. Leaflets and Posters of the activities will be circulated around the area once the timetable of events have been finalised.
Junior Achievement Ireland
Junior Achievement Ireland encourages young people to remain in education and teaches them the skills they need to succeed in a changing world. Junior Achievement is helping to create a culture of enterprise within the education system. Junior Achievement also help young people prepare for the world of work, giving them skills in communications and preparing for interviews. Junior Achievement Programmes begin at primary school level, teaching children how they can impact the world around them as individuals, workers and consumers and continues through to secondary school, right up to age 18, preparing students for their future careers. All Junior Achievement programmes are taught by business volunteers recruited from supporting organisations that are fully trained before they commence their programme. The Ballymun RAPID AIT have discussed the potential of having Junior Achievements facilitate students in the Ballymun area, it is the aim of the RAPID ait to get Junior Achievement to run a programme in the area.