Smart Recycling gone from Jamestown Road but not forgotten.

Smart Recycling at Jamestown Road Finglas had a facility permit which has been withdrawn by Dublin City Council. Residents nearby had a miserable summer plagued by smelly odours and insects from domestic rotting waste illegally dumped there.

There is building debris and paper waste left on the site. A Section 55 notice was served on the four directors to clewar the site of all waste. A prosecution will follow. The lesson learned is that planning requirements must be followed and inspected before a licence is issued by the local authority for waste facilities. There are dry waste facilities around the city causing no local problems. Bonds will have to be issued to insure compliance. I am still awaiting an entomology study to try to find out why residents were plagued by insects all summer to seek a solution. Solicitors letters have been exchanged between DCC and Smart and this may finish in Court. €€€€€€€€€€£££££££££££££$$$$$$$$$$$$$ at the Four Gold Mines.
The directors have been noted and their record is on file in any future attempt to get permits from local authorities.