Glass Bottle Deposit

Here is a lobby letter I received from a well respected Parks and Wildlife Professional at Dublin City Council. I will not name the person because the person is very green and not party political.

I am writing to you about a subject that does come up again and again in my career.
And could easily be resolved if the government would decide to reintroduce the deposit on glass bottles.

I can see how much money and time goes into cleaning up broken glass and picking up plastic bottles.
Parks and Housing Departments must spend quite some resources in litter picking.

Often better design solutions can not be followed up, due to the fear of broken glass in playgrounds and grass areas.

Looking at other European countries, deposits on glass bottles have been there for many years and the systems are still advancing
As nearly every shop now does take back the bottles they sell in vending machines, see attached JPG .
Will Ireland follow the good example of other European Countries?
And if not why?

The positive effect are not just:

1. Council’s would save quite substantially in staff and cost allocated to litter picking.
2. The risk of claims and injuries will be reduced.
3. Recycling will increase quite substantially.
4. Public Parks, Green space beside Roads and Streets, Nature walks and Cities would look much cleaner

I am sure there are many other positive effects this reintroduction would have on the environment.

The introduction of the plastic bag charge was enormous everything now is so much cleaner that 10 years ago
Where you saw Plastic bags everywhere.

I would be very much appreciate any type of information on future plans for introducing deposits on bottles.