Mammy puts the boot in for pensioners – Longford Westmeath battle

Mary O’Rourke wellied into Brian Cowen at the Fianna Fail Party meeting on the stellar quality of their economic performance, The Indo reports that Mary said that it was the one sector that shouldn’t be touched. She said that the elderly were FF’s support base. Her contribution was political and not economic.

On listening to many over-70s here in Dublin Northwest, I notice that they are the least affected by the economic disaster and I believe will still vote for FF in large numbers. It will take an eye gouge to get them to change. They might be about to get that. We will see when. It is only a question of time.

The Westmeath Examiner report that Mary will run again. Fianna Fail on one seat!! She will be challenged in Fianna Fail by Councillor Boxer Moran, Donie Cassidy and Robert Troy. Peter Burke, Colm Arthur, and Longford Deputy Peter Kelly. Nikki McFadden and James Bannon with the last two likely to be elected for Fine Gael. Willie Penrose, Mae Sexton and maybe Denis Leonard are the likely Labour team. The result is likely to be Mary O’Rourke, Nikki McFadden, Willie Penrose and James Bannon.