Notice to Gardai in Finglas and Ballymun

I have a full driving licence for many years. There are no penalty points on it. I drive a volvo V70 – reg 10D9923.
I look like an aul fella who owns the car. Could you please stop asking 20 something year old cops to inspect the licences of 50 plus year olds like me who don’t drink and drive. Twice in a few weeks within half a mile of my house is irritating. Never give police too much power anywhere. In former times, the local gardai had some clue who lived in the area as they were part of the community themselves. Now they are not. So there are irritating consequences.

Furthermore, the cops are again speed gunning innocents driving down Ballymun Road – six lanes – in the mornings and giving them penalty points for being less than 10 km/hr over the limit. A few years ago, I had to protest to Santry when many elderly neighbours got fined for 37 in the same 30 mph zone. Plus ca change! Life is a bitch when common sense is ditched.