Dermot Ahern, etiquette and bailouts for a sinking country

Dermot Ahern rarely resists the role of the Dundalk Political Bootboy. Tonight on “The Week in Politics” on RTE TV, he continuously interrupted Richard Bruton and even Sean O’Rourke could not get him to have a little manners. I would have loved to have been there to metaphorically to kick his ankles.

The substantive issue seems to be that A number of authoritative News Agencies reported that Ireland is talking to the Euro Bailout Society. The government denies that we are negotiating money right now. I am sure that is literally true but any half competent administration would be making contingency plans in detail to tap the €68 billion EU part of the European Financial Stability Facili.ty for legal reasons. Do Ahern and Cowen expect us to believe them? We don’t and neither does the market.