Poppy Wearing

This is becoming an oppressive requirement in the British media. I prefer if Irish people left this to the English. The British armed forces are not Irish even if the Irish Times wants to salute Irish people in the BA in Afghanistan. I don’t at all. The Afghan War is unwinnable. Should Irish people be fighting the Taliban under the colours of a foreign state? No!

The law about foreign military adventures by Irish citizens should be clarified. In this Ballymun/Finglas area, I know people who have been in one of the IRA, the British Army and the French Foreign Legion. Obviously, many have served in our own army here and overseas. Poppy wearing is a tad too British for me now. It is acquiring a jingoistic overlay. I am Irish and the Irish state should formally remember those who died in 1914-1918 fighting for the cause of small nations and as a mark of respect to Irish Unionists.