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Ireland is not broken. We have a society that is together and determined to get out of the bank mess. We can tax and reform. The general public know what must be done. We know that we must pay our debts and that money is not free. We know that there are many well-off people in the country. We know that we want to provide for our pensioners. We know that there are premier league operations in IT, agribusiness, financial and professional services in this country. We know that the property bubble up to 21% of GDP was a mad aberration. We are waiting to vote the Cowen government into history. The new government will be energetic and focused on reform and development in a sustained way.

Their record in the late 90s under John Bruton was the best government that Ireland ever had. We have reduced wages and costs greatly in the past year. We continue to have a flexible and innovative workforce. The lead party in the new government, Fine Gael, has coherent policies on their website especially in the economic area. Labour Leader Eamonn Gilmore has confirmed this week that stringent cuts in spending will not be reversed when the new government is elected. The new government is very likely to be stable with a large parliamentary majority and will not be subject to interference from a tiny minority of independent locally elected MPs. Good news organisations get first hand information, not recycled propaganda from the popular press. I am an Irishman, a European and an empiricist. I expect objectivity from first rate news organisations such as yours. Don’t join the Red Tops.