Pat Rabbitte to Pat Carey “Its about time you went, you can do no more damage to this country”

Please Ireland – Remain cool – We have a hopeless government but we are stuck with them this week so we must force them to do the right thing. The ECB/IMF must be told by FG/Labour what we will bear and what we will not. I want to see Team Fine Gael plus Joan, Ruairi and Pat meet the ECB/IMF and tell them what we will tolerate. This government is now a caretaken and that much is obvious. The defacto government should get the interest rate down to avoid default. The new team should tell the IMF/ECB that they will vote against the budget to facilitate a change of government. Enda Kenny and Eamonn Gilmore should do this in Ireland’s interest. This is about the quality of Irish life. The political parties are all partly complicit in this but the decisions over the past two years have been dreadful. Nationalising debt!