Dear Enda and Eamonn

Letter to Enda Kenny and Eamonn Gilmore

On 19 November 2010 03:31, Bill Tormey wrote:

Please send Team Fine Gael and the Labour A team to meet the IMF. You must have a directional influence on the details of the deals because it will fall to you to take the consequences of these decisions. Fianna Fail have shown themselves to be incompetent in economic management. This is serious and must now be a 5% baleout and formalisation of 1.5% loans jumped to 5%. If the UK offers you cheap money- just take it. Money is money. The immoral earnings argument does not apply here. We are in receipt of London subventions all the time in the six counties and I have not heard nationalists say no thanks. On the contrary, Martin McGuinness accompanied Peter Robinson looking for more £££ recently.

Best regards

Bill Tormey

A grass roots Irishman.