Dublin City Development Plan. Fine Gael addresses the issues democratically.

Fine Gael Group Meeting Monday November 22nd 2010
Development Plan

Bill Tormey, Gerry Breen, Ray Mc Adam, Catherine Noone,Eoghan Murphy,Ruairi McGinley, Pat Crimmins,Mary O’Shea.
Naoise O’Muiri, Clare Byrne, Declan Flanagan, Edie Wynne.

Agreed as follows;

Motions 3039, 3040, and 3041 be supported to reinstate “residential” as a use open for consideration in Z15 zoning. Retain status quo.

Motion 3033 be supported retain status quo to allow residential development in exceptional circumstances to secure, protect and consolidate sporting and amenity nature of the lands.

Motion 3097 seeking to prohibit backland development not be supported, retain status quo to allow for backland development where opportunity exists.

Motion 3078 and 3080 be supported to allow for office development in certain areas of up to 8stories where there is economic or employment generating capacity subject to safeguards re amenity etc. (These were wrongly ruled out of order by the manager and will be reinstated at beginning of meeting)

Motion 3090 re definition of “low rise” relates to prevailing local height or as supported by the Manager and suggested in Motion 3089 “as defined by local height and context”. There was no consensus in the group on this issue which has been recognized by residents as being crucial, majority were in favour of managers recommendation as supported by Motion 3089

Motion 3065 and all Motions re height in proximity to transport infrastructure, no consensus. Some in FG suggested 500m earlier in the process, Gerry Breen queried situation re Metro North formula of words to be agreed.

Motion 3059 re density agreed to support Managers Report. Densities of 50 units per hectares will generally be promoted in outer city and suburban locations, higher densities in key district centres and key developing areas and within 1km of rail based public transport nodes Query this links with Motion 3065 must have consistency if support 3065 then cannot support 3059.

Motion 3022 re accurately replicating original elevation and roof profile detail in Georgian and other areas of architectural merit agreed not to support.

Motion 3048 St Louis High School, Rathmines no consensus in group, majority favouring support of Managers’ recommendation to rezone all lands as Z15 see Managers rationale in this and in related Motion 3049 Z15 has 25%provision for open space and optimum location of such open space may not be existing playing fields, may be other areas in the overall site as may be identified as part of schematic master plan which is required in Z15 zoning.

These summaries are compiled by Cllr Mary O’Shea.

PS by Bill. The Height and Density issues will be discussed by the FG negotiating team ( Ruairi McGinley, Naoise O’Muiri and Mary O’Shea) with the other parties and independent at Dublin City Council. I am in favour of greater height and densities which allow a variation in modern architectural streetscapes. I also favour in principle of the 1 km radius from rail hubs but every case there should be examined on its merits. For example, I cannot see the merits of a high rise at Bath Avenue and Shelbourne Road because it is out of character with the surroundings. The issue of developments near Metro North is also an interesting subject because inside the canal at Drumcondra, the whole area is very low rise right to the Mater Site which will be high rise. Whether patients attending the Mater should be accommodated locally in hotel type buildings will likely be explored in the future.