Dun e Eamonn a mhic agus chuir an A forna ar an bpairc.

The Irish Times Editorial written by “X” concludes today

“We now have a parliamentary situation without precedent in uniquely serious circumstances. And yet, the Labour leader believes that we do not have to agree €6 billion in budget cuts. He said yesterday: “We’re now out of the markets, so who now is the six billion meant to convince or meant to impress?” Who is in denial now?”

Mr Gilmore has underlined the reasons why I have repeatedly written that he is simply not up to the serious job of Taoiseach. He goes on the late Late Show and says he will stick with the cuts and then this. All right Mr Gilmore, what do you do if the IMF/ECB stroll off into the sunset? You could call your erstwhile allies in North Korea for advise? They have a communist monarchy with Kim Il sung, Kim Jung Ill and Kim Jingleballs. This is a stupid comment meant to put Mr Gilmore in context.

Fogra: Will Labour just keep their A team of Joan, Ruairi and Pat on the pitch! PULEEZE

Team Fine Gael is competent and on the pitch. -Noonan, Bruton, Varadkar and Hayes –

That shows that Enda does a better job with his resources. I hope you now see why I support him.