We Run Them In……. We Run them In…..We are the civic guards

It is imperative in the present circumstances that the forces of Law and Order apply the law rigorously without mercy or context. There are wimps who think that the Gardai have mercy on 20 month old toddlers when on duty I don’t. Proper order there Garda. These people should and must pay their taxes. If they fail to do so for any reason, then take the car. No messing about, Take the car.

On a more serious note, if this story is true, this must be an acute embarrassment to the decent people in the Garda Siochana. People either have common sense or they don’t. I hope the Superintendent in the station takes them aside and whispers some common sense into their ears. I hope David Cochrane passes this on to the relevant station superintendent.

Gardai take car off young couple with toddler for tax arrears
…with everything else going on and all the reprieves for banks, bond holders, developers etc etc, I was completely agast yesterday evening as I came out of my parents house.

The Gardai had setup a checkpoint just over the street and had pulled in a car which contained a couple in their late 20’s ( I knew them to see from the locality) and then in anguish I also saw the mother take a baby toddler girl (circa 20 months old I’d say) from the back seat of the car as the dad was in discussions with both Gardai. After about 5 minutes of remonstrating by the Dad, one of the Gardai proceeded to take the keys, get behind the wheel and drive off in the couple’s 03 Ford…leaving the distraught couple and baby on the side of the street as the other Garda proceeded to drive off in the Garda car.
I made my way over to the couple and asked if I could help in anyway. They told me that the cars had taken their car as their tax was out on it since July this year but he was made redundant in May and they were trying to put some money by over the months to pay the arrears on the tax, but the Gardai would have none of it and discarded their car despite their pleadings based on the child’s welfare ( it was a damn cold evening also!!)
I gave them a lift back home as the 3 of us agreed on how socially and morally defunked the Gardai now were also and given the fact that the real criminals in this country both white collar and the rest are nowhere near being repremanded by them, they were acting like nothing but Revenue Commissioners in disguise!

Shame on you Gardai!!!!!!!!!!!