Politicians – Tell the truth – We need an Irish Wikileaks – Where are you Dame Eithne when you are needed?

I admit that the whole Stephen Collins article only differs from what I write myself by the fact that he writes much better than I do. It comes as a shock to see my views written with a beautious clarity in the Irish Times. Mick Clifford is my other favorite.

I continue to think that Enda Kenny is the best person for Taoiseach from the present Dail. Nearly on a weekly basis, Eamonn Gilmore shows his flaws. He is excellent at indignation and the attendant suffused red face. I simply do not want another clown destroying the country. Kenny has made no stupid promises as far as I know. If he has – send me an email and I will publish anything non-libellous.

The country needs people who can see the future and drive the state in that direction. At least the recession is reducing the gap between rich and poor. I still say that it is better to have more people at work in the public sector than have them on the dole. If elected I will try to use my powers of persuasion, such as they are, to edge Mr Kenny in that direction.

Party hacks are really of minimal use to the commonality of people in the state. Reform of politics requires a loosening of the whip system in non-finance bill votes.

Stephen Young, Neurosurgeon told me today of the high quality of the political debate recently at Hollyrood in Edinburgh on attempts to combat unemployment in Scotland. I think that politics here is saccarine to a large extent. Let the Dail be reformed to allow real debate on issues of the day. It is the stultifying procedures in Dail Eireann that need to be reformed not the number of representatives cut. As the population gets bigger, the TD per head will move towards the constitutional maximum of 30,000.

Do you think gthat a new constitution will be approved by the people. I don’t!