Ballymun Safety Forum

Ballymun Safety Forum
At the Ballymun Safety Forum, The issue of “boy racers” through Silloge from the Gateway area was spoken of. Inspector Andy Waters will take care of those involved. A brilliant suggestion by Antoinette Doyle, a long time activist, was that there should be prison visits to locals who had been causing great distress in Ballymun to socialise them and make integration into civilised society more likely. This type of prison visit should be routine. I know that in Dochas, there is a system of befriender for at least foreign prisoners and it is appreciated.

The effect of the huge increase in light from the recent demolition was noted and the effect on Woodhazel Terrace was especially noticeable.

Halloween Festival at Ballymun was very successful but there was a fire at the top of Country Road Flats with flames shooting up four floors. My information from an eye witness is that the ages of those involved was in their 30s. Also at Balcurris West, there was a lot of antisocial behaviour on that night despite the City Council taking truck loads of flamable material away from bonfires.
This is noted for prevention next year.

I also heard that a gang stripped out old flats of lead piping in East Ballymun for scrap dressed in yellow jackets and hard hats!

Burglaries were also discussed. The Gardai told us about the trick of pseudo-officials calling to houses of the elderly and asking them did they lose money recently in a robbery because some was givenm up in a local shop. Some people have gone inside to check their money and then robbed. People were advised not to leave keys under mats for kids to get in as uninvited others can get in also.